Decatur Schools superintendent resigns

The school board held a special session Saturday afternoon for the resignation

Decatur City School Superintendent Dan Brigman's resignation shocked parents this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, during a special meeting, the school board accepted superintendent Brigman's resignation. Brigman was ten months into his three year contract with Decatur City Schools. His contract made him the highest paid superintendent in the school system's history.

Now the school board will have to restart the process to find their third superintendent in a year, after what parents are calling a suspicious resignation.

Decatur Mayor, Tab Bowling, says, "I have not talked with Dr. Brigman. Dr. Brigman was not at the, today's open meeting."

At 1 PM Saturday, Decatur City School Board held a brief meeting in which they read a statement saying they were accepting Superintendent Brigman's resignation.

Sabrina Weaver, who's a parent at Decatur High School, says, "It's just strange circumstances that they would call a special session on a Saturday and make such a quick decision to accept his resignation or perhaps ask for his resignation."

Decatur City Schools spent a couple of months trying to select a superintendent to help raise test scores and open two new high schools. When WZDX reached out to the school board president about why Brigman's resigning now, with a couple months left of school, the only comment we got was their letter saying, "We thank Dr. Brigman for his service to the students, parents, constituents, faculty, staff and administration of Decatur City Schools. We wish Dr. Brigman and his family all the best."

Mayor Bowling says he was surprised by today's announcement, but is trying to stay optimistic.

Bowling says, "We have the utmost confidence in our school board. And we know that they will do well as they move forward."

While the Mayor is looking forward, some parents are looking to the past to answer Saturday's questions.

Weaver says, "I was a little bit curious when he was hired, because it seemed that he left his last job pretty quickly. And it wasn't very clear as to why he left that job and there just seemed to be some suspicious circumstances around that. But, of course I don't know anything. But it was a little bit odd."

A Decatur teacher we talked with says, for an open school board meeting to be legal they have to give notice ninety minutes ahead of time. WZDX was notified a little over a hour ahead of time.

Other than the letter being read, Mayor Bowling says, the school's lawyer explained that today's session was legal.


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