Decatur City Schools feeder plan could get switch-up

DECATUR, Ala. - A proposal is on the table for Decatur City Schools that could change where your child goes to school. 

The plan would mean going from three middle schools to two to simplify which high schools students would attend. The idea is still in its beginning stages and now the school board will be checking it out with administrators, teachers, and parents. 

Superintendent Michael Douglas says the idea is for teachers to be able to communicate about their students to better follow their academic progress. He says right now students from too many different schools are feeding into each other.

"I had one middle school that was fed from ten different elementary schools," Douglas said. "That makes that process overwhelming."                

Here's what his proposal looks like:

  • Cedar Ridge Middle would have grades six and seven.

  • The old Austin High would become a facility for grades eight and nine.

  • Oak Park would get a grade six academy.

  • Decatur High would get a grade nine academy.

"It would move my Brookhaven Middle School into a feeder pattern where essentially I have two middle schools which feed the two high schools," Douglas said.

WZDX News spoke with some parents who think it's a good idea, but one Decatur High grad is concerned about overcrowding.

"It's just not fair and then other teachers don't wanna be as crowded either," said Summer Pollard.

Douglas claims using the old Austin School would take care of that and solve something else.

"Trying to get ninth graders either isolated or away from seniors," explained Douglas. "And then getting sixth graders kind of away from eighth graders."

Now the vetting process begins. Douglas would like to see this take effect next school year but it will depend on the feedback. Parents should look out for a survey in the future.

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