Cost of liquor in Alabama is going up

The Alcoholic Beverage Control board approved a hike in the markup of liquor

DECATUR, Ala. - A cold alcoholic beverage is going to cost more in Alabama. Come November, the markup of liquor sold in the state will go from 30 to 35 percent.

Bar patrons say this could mean bad business for bars. “Anytime that you have to raise prices and maybe risk loosing customers that's not good for small business," said Tom Coleman.

The markup is the first charge added onto the cost of the bottle. It's separate from liquor and sales taxes. The markup is tacked on to the amount taxed at the register. That means state and sales taxes will also increase, and businesses that serve liquor may have to charge more.

"I really don't think this hike will really effect us too badly we'll roll with the punches, figure out what we can do to keep everything modestly priced for our customers and guests,” said Benjamin Gunn, bar manager of Moe's Original Bar B Que in Decatur.

Coleman says depending on how much prices go up, will determine if he goes to the bar. “We'll make the decisions based on what the prevailing prices are and if they are too high we'll stay home."

Bar patron Michael A., said a bigger bar tab won't stop people from ordering another round. “People are going to by alcohol no matter what, it's how people are, if they drink alcohol they're going to buy alcohol."

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