Alabama A&M opens "Hope for Tomorrow" fund for students affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hope for Tomorrow aims to ease financial stress

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - At Alabama A&M dozens of students are said to have ties to Houston and those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This week the university made the decision to open a fund Hope for Tomorrow aimed at providing assistance to students whose families are impacted.

44 students at Alabama A&M are from Houston, Texas.

Those students receive some form of assistance from their families.

Some who are dealing with the widespread flooding and devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

It is why the University saw fit to step up and help out.
"We have reached out to the students as well we've reached out to the alumni faculty and staff to make contributions to the fund so that if these students are in need we have funds available to provide some assistance," said Dr. Allen Vital, Executive Director of the AAMU Foundation.

"I got a couple of friends here that are from Houston," said Justin Smith. 

With friends from the area Smith, a sophomore at A&M, is delighted with the University's efforts.

"They're kind of dealing with it, but they're alright they're safe. Get everybody help that as they need it," said Smith.

Funds will provide assistance with rent, textbooks and meals.

Dr. Vital said, "Some students live off campus and their family is providing them residential assistance off campus and may not be able to that now."

A&M says most of the students are, understandably, concerned about their families.
The "Hope for Tomorrow" fund eases some of their financial stress.

"If you have the chance to help somebody out, you might as well take that chance," said Moses Austin, an AAMU Freshman.

THE "Hope for Tomorrow" fund was created in 2011 to help students who were victims of the tornado outbreaks.

The fund is activated during times of devastation and need.
For more information on the "Hope for Tomorrow" foundation and to learn how to contribute click here.

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