Terri Slizewski, the Valley's First Responder for November

Terri serves the Valley through the North Alabama Search Dog Association

PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WZDX) - On a Tuesday night at a warehouse in Morgan County, the North Alabama Search Dog Association is hard at work preparing their dogs for the next call. "Dogs can cover more ground efficiently than what people can," says Janet Geist, the organization's co-founder. "So, they, when trained correctly can be a really great tool."

The volunteer organization was founded in 1996 with just three members. 14 years ago, Terri Slizewski joined the team.

"I contacted Darcy as soon as I picked up my German Shepherd puppy," says Slizewski. "And, I started with the team the next week and I've been there ever since."

That puppy was named Brandi. Together, the pair served the Tennessee Valley for nine years. When Bradi retired, Terri began training with Shelby.

Terri says training is just a big party for the dogs. "It's a big process for us as the handlers. For the dogs, it comes easy. They really, it's big fun for them."

The process is not always easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication. Terri's teammates say she has been incredibly dedicated.

"She has just grown so much as a handler, as a search person. We couldn't be more proud," says Geist.

And for her passion and her partner, Terri Slizewski is the Valley's First Responder.

"She and Shelby have made, just an awesome team," says Geist.

The North Alabama Search Dog Association is a completely volunteer organization. It survives from your donations. If you would like to help, visit the group's website at nasdak9.org.

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