Officer Michael Powell, the Valley's First Responder for July

After 20 years in the Army, Officer Powell began working for HPD

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Officer Michael Powell grew up in New Jersey. But after 20 years in the US Army, this now veteran police officer settled down in the Rocket City.

"I love Huntsville," he says. I love the South."

Now 20 years later, he's an officer the Huntsville Police Department can count on. Sgt. Chad Bryant says, "He is one of the most driven officers I know. You can give him any kind of task and he takes it and runs with it."

Officer Powell has spent the majority of his life serving others. He says he just couldn't see himself doing anything else. "I couldn't think of anything more I wanted to do. I know a lot of people say that. That's kind of a cliche. But, that's just the way it is."

Bryant says, "He's one of the more mature officers we have, so he's a resource. We can pick from his experience."

And, with that experience, Powell says police work is more than just enforcing the law. "I like helping people," he says. "Help them solve their problems. Not solve it for them, but give them some assistance. I like interacting with the people."

For those years of service and willingness to help, Officer Michael Powell is the Valley's First Responder.

If you would like to nominate a first responder to be the Valley's First Responder, click here

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