Mike Stone, the Valley's First Responder for September

Mike Stone has been a paramedic since he was 19.

HAMMONDVILLE, Ala. - At DeKalb Ambulance Service in Hammondville, Mike Stone and his partner, Jason Griggs, wait for a call.

And just like that, they are out the door to serve. "You just know you're going to do something to help someone else," says Stone.

The bottom of the sign at the ambulance service reads, "Save lives... that's what we do."

It's not just a motto for Mike Stone. It's a way of life. "There's no greater feeling that making someone's worst day of their life a little bit better," he says.

Stone has served as a paramedic since he was 19 years old. When he's not working his day job, he serves his community as the captain of the Desoto Rescue Squad.

"It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon," says Mike's wife, Gwen Stone. "It doesn't matter where we're at, if he can possibly make it to that call, he's gonna make it."

For the Stone's it's a family thing. Mike met his wife Gwen by serving the community. Gwen was the captain of the rescue squad before Mike took over in 2006.

"When he and I met about 12-13 years ago, I had been on about 10 years," says Gwen.

Now Mike and Gwen are passing on that love of serving others to their youngest son, Michael, who just happens to be the youngest junior member of the Desoto Rescue Squad.

Gwen says, "(Mike) eats breathes and sleeps EMS, that's what he does. And, he's amazing at it."

And for his dedication, we are honoring Mike Stone as the Valley's First Responder.

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