Stacey Lovett of Decatur High School Wins The Valley's Top Teacher

Congrats to the Coach and Math Teacher!

DECATUR, Ala. - Stacey Lovett traded in her jersey and sneakers for a new game plan: coaching.

She says she loves watching her student-athletes succeed both on and off the courts.

At Decatur High School, it seems like everyone has something nice to say about Stacey Lovett.

"She's really nice," said student-athlete, Sy'Terius Nickerson. "She has a lot of energy. She treats us like she's hers."

"She's really energetic and supportive," said student-athlete, Ashley Townsend. "Whenever you have a problem, you can go to her and talk to her."

"She's a very fun person," said student-athlete, Zanya Williams. "She motivates us a lot. She has a lot of energy in the morning and helps get us going."

The volleyball coach, and assistant basketball coach discovered her passion for coaching in college.

"Since I'm this age, I don't get to play anymore, so I that still keeps me connected," said Lovett.

"Mrs. Coach Lovett," as students call her, says teaching and coaching is her dream job; for her, every day is exciting, and fulfilling.

"Just to know that I touch kids, but I didn't teach them to solve an equation, but that I touched them in such a way to know that anything is possible," said Lovett.

The popular teacher is known for setting high standards and motivating students to believe in themselves.

"If it was easy, it would not be worth having. If things come easy to you, a lot of times you're not being challenged," said Lovett. "Therefore, you need to move to the next level."

"I like Coach Lovett because she always pushes us to be better," said student-athlete, Ellen Davis. "She never accepts us just to be average, and it's not just on the court and in the gym, but off the court and in the gym, too."

"She basically moms us," said student-athlete, Emma Parker. "She's always there for us. She always helps us get through the day. If we ever have problems with anything in life, she's always there for us and we always know it."

When all is said and done, Lovett says she wants her students and athletes to remember that she always had each of their best interests at heart.

"Everything I try to do is constructive," said Lovett. "Whether it's criticism (or) it's constructive criticism, I always try to make them better. Because a lot of time when you win in the courtroom, and when you win in the classroom, you win at life."

"I love the way she acts and her personality," said student-athlete, Induyia Swoopes. "She's a good coach. She teaches us a lot and she brings us up when we're down."

The Valley's Top Teacher says the most rewarding part of teaching and coaching, is watching her students and athletes succeed.

"It's all about the W," said Lovett.

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