Niki Bowling Wins The Valley's Top Teacher

Students say her patience and positivity brings out the best in them.

ARAB, Ala. - This week's top teacher is as special as they come.

Niki Bowling is a special needs teacher with a special gift: she sees her students' greatest potentials.

Students say they admire that about Mrs. Bowling.

They say her positivity and patience brings out the very best in them.

At Arab High School you'll hear plenty of compliments about Mrs. Bowling.

"She's the best. She's awesome," said student, Emily Smith. "I love her. Ever since I moved here, she's been amazing."

"She helps me with everything I need help with. She helps me with math and all my subjects. She's really kind," said student, Joseph Walker.

Mrs. Bowling has always wanted to be a teacher. While pursuing an education degree in college, she quickly learned she's meant to be with special needs students.

"I feel like they're my kids," said Mrs. Bowling. "They're not just my students."

Mrs. Bowling strives to make a better life for her special needs students not only in the classroom, but also outside of it.

"We're doing a fundraiser right now with t-shirts that say see the able not the label," said Mrs. Bowling. "A lot of times you see someone with special needs and you assume they can't do certain things. That's not always the case. A lot of times they have a lot to give."

The Valley's Top Teacher says she has high standards for her students.

She says they can learn just like any other student in school.

"I hope they remember that I love them but also that I love them enough to be hard on them," said Mrs. Bowling. "Having high expectation in our classroom, and you don't have any excuses."

Mrs. Bowling says she hopes students remember that she truly loves and values each one them.

"They are loved more than anybody in the school and they love more than anybody in the school," said Mrs. Bowling.

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