Karen Conner Wins Top Teacher

Congrats to the Chapman Middle School Teacher!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The apple doesn't fall far from the tree for the Valley's Top Teacher. Mrs. Karen Conner of Chapman Middle School says her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles worked in the education field.

But it wasn't until she started serving as a teacher at Bible School in the summers did she learn that teaching is truly her calling in life, too.

When you walk inside Mrs. Karen Conner's classroom, you'll find students building roller coasters as they learn force and energy.

"Kids from past years will come back and they'll say 'Oh I remember doing this! My teacher was so impressed that I remembered how to do this,'" said Mrs. Conner.

The Valley's Top Teacher isn't just a fun teacher. According to students, she's also a very kind one.

"She's funny and nice and let's us do nice things," said student, William McKee.

"The thing I like about Mrs. Conners is that she's funny, nice and caring, but the most thing I really like about her is that she's funny," said student, Isis Pitts.

In Mrs. Conner's classroom, it's always cool to be kind.

"We've made kindness rocks," said Mrs. Conner. "We're starting a kindness rocks project. I think that's a big deal in a lot of communities now.

Mrs. Conner says life lessons is a key component to a child's education.

"If you don't teach them to be a good person first, it doesn't matter how much curriculum they know," said Mrs. Conner.

Mrs. Conner also wants her students to know and understand how much she truly cares. And students say they can feel it.

"She's nice, caring, calm and if she's tough on us, it's because she loves us and she cares about us," said student, Jackson Harer.

Mrs. Conner says she's spent nearly three decades of her life in the classroom, because it's so fulfilling to watch her students reach their fullest potentials.

"When they catch on and it sparks in them and they come back to me years later, it makes me feel really good," said Mrs. Conner.

Her class shouts, "we love you, Mrs. Conner!"

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